PowerShell 基础操作-


【1.1 打开和界面设置】

现在一般的windows 系统上都默认安装有powershell,我用的是win8.1,
既然有我就不安装了,先打开powershell 熟悉下界面和设置:

1. window icon+r—-input ”powershell”—-pop up the powershell interface, a command line interface 也叫console (控制台)






2. learn how to change appearance , font and other attributes of powershell interface:关于交互界面的设置请在我打开的这个界面找到setting,

click the upper left icon of the interface,it’s a drop-down list

scroll down the menu you will find the  ‘属性‘,

click it and pop up a window,

now you can  customize it for you interface as you like by setting or choosing arguments avaiable, such as the background color , fond size , cursor size etc.



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